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Holiday Door Decorations

Holiday Door Decorations

What makes holiday decorating so addicting? Maybe it’s the colors and themes, or the freedom to interpret and celebrate individually. Christmas to Halloween and every day in between, there’s a reason to decorate. Start with your front door. Show the world a little piece of your home with holiday front door style.

halloween front door with jack-o-lanterns


It’s that scary time of year. Do you decorate your front door for Halloween? Halloween is growing fast! It seems everyone likes a little fright and fun. Your front door is key to enviable Halloween curb appeal.

Choose A Halloween Doormat

Decorating for a holiday can be as simple as changing out a doormat. Inexpensive Halloween mats can be found online or in stores around the holidays. But they’re often small. Layer them over a larger mat or outdoor rug for more impact.

Pumpkin Door Decorations…and More!

Dial down the scary door decorations and make pumpkins the theme. From pumpkin door hangers to a pumpkin-shaped doormat, a few jolly jack-o-lanterns are key to a fun, laidback Halloween. 

Make a pumpkin door hanger using burlap and acrylic craft paint. Cut the burlap into 2 identical pumpkin shapes. Paint the pumpkins and hot glue them together, leaving an opening for stuffing. Fill with plastic bags or packing peanuts and seal closed. Attach a floral wire loop for hanging. Glue on an oversized bow for added style.

Think beyond the traditional orange pumpkins. White pumpkins with painted black and metallic accents are popular. Or, paint pumpkins different shades of purple, teal, and orange.

Creepy Front Door Ideas

Give the neighbors the heebie-jeebies! A creepy front entrance is easy if you don’t forget to include: bats, spiders, witches, and ghosts. Use webbing and create a spider web door. Secure the webbing using small, clear command hooks and add plastic spiders. Don’t forget to drape cobwebs around porch corners and on hedges. Inexpensive dollar store witches hats can be hung from the porch ceiling or trees using fishing line. Attach metal washers for weight along the hat brim. Fill the inside with battery-operated fairy lights. Make sure the lights come with a remote for turning off and on. Make an easy DIY bat door wreath using a plain grapevine wreath and plastic bats. Simply attach the bats to the wreath at varying intervals. You can stop there or add cobwebs and lights.

From spooky door decorations to fun-loving scarecrows, put your own stamp on Halloween front door decorating. See more Halloween front porch decorating HERE.

wood cutout pilgrims and autumn front door


Give thanks and decorate! Celebrate with a Thanksgiving door rooted in hospitality and gratitude.

It’s Turkey Time

Picking a theme is a great way to start a decorating plan. And for Thanksgiving, a United States holiday rooted in early history, it makes sense to use the wild turkey. Did you know many early leaders wanted to make the turkey the national bird, before settling on the bald eagle? The nation’s plains and forests were filled with turkeys. 

So make it your decorating focal point. Design a Thanksgiving burlap door hanger shaped like a turkey. Dye white feathers in autumn hues and create flower pot arrangements. Paint “Gobble, Gobble” on a piece of scrap wood.

Harvest Door Wreaths

Make or buy a door hanger to mark the harvest season. Customize and enhance an inexpensive store-bought wreath by adding a bow, lights, or more decoration. Sometimes less is more. A simple corn husk wreath with a wood cutout message may be all the door needs. Or make a Thanksgiving wooden door hanger with scrap wood. Paint a background and use a stencil for the lettering. Embrace the harvest concept. Take a nature hike and gather pinecones, twigs, and other natural elements. Spray paint them or leave natural and glue them onto a grapevine wreath.

Thanksgiving Quotes

A great way to express your thankfulness and gratitude is with thoughtful and sentimental quotes. Hang a small chalkboard on your front door and write your favorite Thanksgiving quotation for all your guests to read.

Thanksgiving is often overlooked as a decorating holiday. But when you think about it, isn’t it the most important holiday? Taking time to give thanks shouldn’t be an afterthought. Make Thanksgiving bigger and better than ever with beautiful pieces inspired by the season.

For more ideas, see Thanksgiving door decor.

Double front doors decorated with four large red hanging Christmas ornaments, two wreaths, and four trees on steps.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No doubt, Christmas is the biggest, brightest, and best decorating holiday. From farmhouse Christmas to modern holiday, there’s a way to make this season your own.

Find Your Christmas Door Style

As a holiday celebrated in many different countries, Christmas traditions vary by region and style. When it comes to holiday decorating, there’s a world of possibility. Rustic, farmhouse fans use buffalo checks, plaids, and natural wood elements to create Christmas door hangers, planters, garlands, and more. Minimalists might choose a white palette with simple lines. From golds and burgundies to striped candy cane colors and reindeer door decorations, choose a Christmas theme unique to you and your front door. Don’t forget an adjustable wreath hanger to center your door decor perfectly. Learn more about easy outdoor Christmas decorating ideas.

For the traditionalist, set some old ice skates, a hockey stick, and some birch bark firewood beside the front door. Place a real evergreen Christmas tree on the porch with white icicle lights. Red ribbon bows make the perfect ornaments.

Simplify Holiday Door Decorations

The season is hectic, frenzied, and offers little extra time. Keep Christmas front porch decorating simple. Buy an evergreen Christmas wreath from a local service organization and customize it with ribbon. Hang the wreath with a door hanger or magnet. Choose a Christmas doormat to match. Clear out planters and make evergreen arrangements with a bow matching the wreath bow. Add lights wherever possible for a twinkling glow. Don’t stop with the Christmas tree.

Make A Gingerbread House Door Hanger

Love gingerbread? Design a simple gingerbread house door decoration. Cut out cardboard in the shape of a house large enough for a door hanger. Use white silicone caulking in a piping bag for faux frosting. Decorate with buttons, hard candies, and glitter. Cut holes in the top and make a wire hanger. This is a holiday DIY craft anyone can do and enjoy!

Do you want to learn more about Christmas Front Door Decorating?

Valentine's Day front door X and O hangers


Have a heart, or two or three. Valentine’s Day celebrates love. Why not give your front door some love? Make a date to decorate this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Door Decorations

Traditional wreaths probably won’t cut it for V-Day. Just a little artistic license, tulle, and wood cutouts will up your game. Make a tie wreath out of pink and white tulle. Attach a bow, wood cutout sentiment, and voila!

Hearts Valentine Door Hanger

Unpainted wood hearts are easy to find in craft stores. Or upcycle cardboard boxes for cutout hearts. Paint them pastel colors to match heart candy. Add love messages. Attach all over the front door with command hooks. Scatter a few larger pieces around the front door.

Heart-Shaped Wreaths for Doors

Heart wreaths can be bought. But why not make your own? Start with a cardboard base. Draw a heart and cutout (cut away the middle if desired). Wrap the cardboard in burlap or ribbon. Attach white, red, and pink faux flowers. Do you already have a bunch of faux flowers? Upcycle them. Spray paint them Valentine’s colors. Add a ribbon hanger and bow.

Easter front door with wood cutout rabbits and eggs


Spring is a time for renewal. Take a moment to revive your front porch for Easter. Keep in mind, many decorations will carry through to summer.

Easter Door Wreaths

Pretty pastels, soft greens, daffodils, tulips, lilies, and crocuses represent spring and Easter. It leaves a lot of wreath possibilities. Custom-made wreaths are available online or in stores. Try making your own using a plain grapevine wreath, styrofoam base, or wire base. Wire frames are great for fabric or ribbon wreaths. They offer lots of room to tie on and weave. Use a styrofoam base for larger florals that need a stem for stability. Trim the stem and stick it into the foam. Add a dot of hot glue on the end for more durability. Grapevine wreaths are versatile and classic. From off-center floral arranging to all-over flowers, get creative. Remember, when flower arranging to start with large pieces and work down in size. And don’t forget a bow!

Easter Doormat

Seasonal, holiday and special occasion doormats are readily available in-store or online. If you want to save a little money and exercise some artistic license, buy a large canvas drop cloth from a hardware store. Cut it into shapes or rectangles desired for a doormat. One drop cloth will give you several doormats. Paint the drop cloth as desired. For a colorful Easter doormat, cut out an egg shape and paint in bright pastels. Make a matching door hanger. Painted drop cloths work well for making larger area rugs. Seal with polyurethane or Scotchgard.

Easter Basket Door Decorations

Ditch the wreath and hang a basket instead! If possible, look for a flat-back basket. Fill it with colorful florals, plastic eggs, and decorations. Or plant it! Line it with plastic and moss. Add potting soil and sow grass seed. Hosting a party? Fill the basket with candy-filled eggs, colorful cotton candy, and party favors.

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