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Down Shiloh Road’s Fall Bedroom Makeover with Country Door

We’ve teamed up with Jenn to bring you exciting new design ideas to help take your own home décor style to the next level. Each Season, you’ll see how Jenn puts her own twist on some of our customer favorites- all to help you create the looks you’ve been dreaming of! This fall, it’s your time to shine- happy decorating!

A review from Jenn @DownShilohRoad – You can find her review on her blog HERE.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut lately? Maybe it’s the same old thing? The same old neutrals every season? Well Country Door is here to change that for you this fall!! They are adding some fun, festive patterns to the mix but still keeping to a lot of the neutrals that are in right now if you’re still a little afraid to mix it up. They make it so easy, too! See how I quickly and easily changed up my whole bedroom with just a 5 Fall pieces!

Isn’t this pumpkin pillow sssssooooo cute?!

You guys already know that I love Country Door and used them to remodel my little back porch into my oasis this spring, but now fall is fast approaching. I won’t be able to spend as much time outdoors and needed to find an indoor oasis. What better place than your bedroom!? The bedroom should always be your place of rest. Where you breathe your deepest and feel most at peace. Country Door made that possible for me with just a few new pieces! I feel like I completely remodeled my bedroom and have a new indoor sanctuary!

Candles always add a warm and cozy touch, don’t you think?:)

Country Door has such wonderfully curated pieces, I only had to add a few of their pieces to transform the whole space!! I added this lovely quilt with matching shams, the beautiful embroidered Harvest Hook accent pillow, the whimsical pumpkin pillow and a cozy little candle ring!

I can’t get over how cute this pillow is!!!!

This oh so cute little pumpkin pillow added the cutest little cozy touch to the room!! The extra splash of orange just gave it that extra pump of fall flavor and that texture of the accent pillow adds a little extra hint of cozy, which you know I love. If you are looking for all the cozy inspo, check out this post from last fall where I talk about cozying up indoor spaces!

Country Door nailed it with these shams and cute accent pillows! It gives the room that little extra spice that I believe is needed for fall. That extra texture, on the embroidered pumpkin pillow, just makes me think of cinnamon and a cup of warm apple cider at a pumpkin patch! Exactly the kinds of feelings that I want, and need, my sanctuary to illicit when the chilly feelings of fall start creeping in.

The power of scents should never be underestimated, and I think the look of your candles shouldn’t be either! This adorable little candle ring adds just a faint hint of earthiness to the room. We all think of leaves changing in the fall and sticks and brush piles and bonfires. This just adds a little whiff, if you will;), of that flavor of fall, too.

So thank you, Country Door, for helping me transform my bright and sunny summer bedroom into a soft and cozy sanctuary to relax into as these fall months start approaching! These few simple, beautiful pieces really helped to totally transform the space and took me literally no time to place. That is my favorite kind of makeover:) If you’re looking to transform your bedroom into a more relaxing and cozy space, go check out these pieces or other classic pieces at The Country Door! After you go and see all of their timeless, beautiful pieces, I’d love for you to come back and share! Helping others learn to love and thrive in the spaces they’re in is my greatest joy:) Thanks for reading until the end!!!:)

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