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Your guide to seasonal outerwear

Those transitional periods between summer and fall, and winter and spring can wreak havoc on your wardrobe, especially when it comes to your outerwear. It may be cool in the morning, but warm and sunny when you’re leaving work. Rain always seems to come out of nowhere on the days you wear your suede jacket, and when it gets chilly, you always wish you dressed warmer. Here is a crucial guide to the coats and fashion jackets you should have in your closet:

Army jacket

Now, it doesn’t have to be army-issued, but a canvas jacket in a neutral tone like beige or olive will be great to have on hand during those unpredictable early fall days. Army jackets are pretty casual, so they pair perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans, your favorite comfy T-shirt and a pair of earth tone booties.

A denim jacket

While styles of denim jackets come and go – like acid wash – the very essence of a classic denim jacket is timeless. They’re perfect on late summer evenings, and can be layered with zip up sweatshirt on cooler, breezy fall days. Dark washes are particularly hot right now. They’re more versatile than lighter washes, and can seem a little more chic when paired with the right accessories, like some sparkly fashion jewelry.

A blazer

Many people think the only place for a blazer is the office, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While a blazer jackets’s reputation is that of class and professionalism, you can also give your outfit a bit of an edge by pairing your favorite work blazer with a V-neck and some high heel pumps. This outfit is perfect for a late summer or early fall evening, when there’s a bit of a breeze, but the temperature hasn’t really dropped yet.

A trench coat

Trench coats are perfect options for women who want to give their outfit a bit of professional flair, whether they’re on their way to work or not. It’s the perfect jacket to dress up, with tailored slacks and a pair of heels, but it’s also possible to dress it down with jeans and booties. It actually may not even be possible to wear a trench coat and not look put together!

A peacoat

While a wool peacoat won’t keep you as warm during a deep freeze as a thicker coat will, it’s always good to have a winter coat that can be used for dressier occasions. It’s also a great coat to have in November, when it may not be cold enough to bust out the down jacket, but it’s just too breezy to comfortably wear a denim one. While a black or charcoal peacoat is timeless, you can mix it up a bit by going for a patterned one, like houndstooth, a bright red, or a winter white variety.

A parka

Puffy jackets may not be the most stylish options out there, but there’s no doubt that they’re important to have around. Sometimes that sassy peacoat won’t keep you warm during a long commute during the holiday season. Look for a coat that hits your mid-thigh or lower if you walk around outside a lot in the winter, but if you spend more time in the car instead, a shorter parka may be more comfortable while you’re sitting down.

Keep it clean!

Colder weather can really do a number on your clothes and shoes. While it may take some extra time, maintaining your clothing will really help to increase its lifespan, and of course it looks nicer when it’s clean and in good shape. So when it’s time to put away your outerwear, be sure it is clean. If you live in an urban environment, there is a good chance that you will encounter salt on the sidewalks and roads once it starts to get icy. Weatherproof your boots and any shoes that you regularly wear in the wintertime with a winterizing treatment.  It comes in spray and wash form and will help prevent salt from damaging your shoes. It will also help to keep them water resistant. As for boots, some liners can be taken out and added to the load in the washing machine. If not, try to hand wash them with a scrub brush and some laundry detergent. Be sure the sole is free of mud and debris so your closet doesn’t get dirty.

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